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Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Wan Gang researched Wendu intelligent learning system

 On August 26, 2016, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC and Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Wan Gang inspected the Fiberhome Innovation Valley, researched Wendu Group (the full name is Century Wendu Education & Technology Group Inc., stock code: 838380), listened to the introduction of Wendu Group on its intelligent learning system, had an in-depth exchange with Chairman of Wendu Group Feng Xiaoping, and affirmed the development direction of Wendu wisdom education industry.

Fiberhome Innovation Valley and Wendu Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on June 28. Both parties reached a consensus on the construction of "Wendu Wisdom Education Industrial Park". On the basis of mutual benefit and advantage, resource sharing, and common development, centered on "Internet +", both parties explore the educational industry transformation and upgrading, give full play to their advantages, focus on creating Wendu intelligent learning system through the construction of various types of infrastructure and professional industrial chain service platform, especially in mining application of education data, to promote the learning revolution; improve scientific and technological content, optimize the ecological structure of education; find a breakthrough in introducing strategic investment, strengthening the wisdom education and other aspects, and build the first wisdom education industrial park with demonstration effect at home and abroad.

Fiberhome Innovation Valley and Wendu Group will register the operating entity of "Wendu Wisdom Education Industrial Park" in Fiberhome Innovation Valley, specifically responsible for the actual operation and management of the Industrial Park, and the investment platform of Fiberhome Innovation Valley - Wuhan Fiberhome Investment Co., Ltd. will participate in the investment in the Industrial Park and related educational industry operating entity. Both parties jointly promote the innovation of "Wendu Wisdom Education Industrial Park" operating entity in operating model, management tools, collaborative mechanisms and other aspects, promote the construction of large wisdom education industrial park, accelerate industrial agglomeration and promote the development of related industries.

Wendu intelligent learning system is the newest achievement of educational data mining application. Its goal is to "make learning easier, more efficient, more relaxing and more fun". To achieve "making learning easier", in addition to the requirements for the teacher, new requirements are also put forward for the applied science and technology, and large data conducts a scientific and accurate analysis on people. Individualized teaching under the new modern science and technology environment put forward by Wendu Group is to conduct purposeful analysis on people’s learning behaviors and learning habits, and the effect is very significant after use; in order to achieve "making learning more efficient", it’s necessary to explore some rules of memory and learning, which is very easy to achieve in large data environment, or that its accuracy is relatively high. Through some data analysis and some tests, Wendu Group can get the preliminary judgment, and then find out the individual learning rules of the learners through their own experience so that the learners' cognition of their own ability level will be further enhanced; "making learning more relaxing" is to explore some new forms of teaching, such as "willing to learn", how to learn happily? How to make learning not so tense in the product portfolio is very meaningful; the last is "to make learning more interesting", that is to enhance the fun of learning in edutainment.

Wendu Group is a comprehensive wisdom education industry group committed to the whole industry chain and internationalization. In this new "Internet +" development opportunity, in addition to the development in postgraduate entrance examination program counseling, primary and secondary education, vocational education and international education area, it will also extensively use large data and new technology in "Wendu Wisdom Education Industrial Park" based on the construction and promotion of Wendu intelligent learning system and educational ecology, centered on people’s demand for learning, will use education data, cloud computing, Internet of things, mobile Internet, intelligent control and other new generation of information technology to increase support from the aspects of capital, technology, talents, resources and so on, expand the scope and develop more learning products, promote the research and development of intelligent educational products including PC, mobile phone and related network terminals, innovate intelligent learning system, build intelligent data platform, establish the most advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly wisdom education service system and build a more efficient and sustainable lifelong learning system, leading a new future in education by using wisdom. (Zhi Ang)

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