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Wendu purchased Bilin Education and HYFY to speed up the layout of the full industry chain of education

On September 21, Century Wendu Education & Technology Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Wendu Group, stock code: 838380), Beijing Shangxue Bilin Education Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bilin Education"), and Beijing HYFY International Culture Exchange Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "HYFY") signed the acquisition agreement formally in Beijing. Wendu Group purchased Bilin Education and HYFY with 22.3 million Yuan through self-raised funds. All assets and business of the two companies were taken over by Wendu Group since the date of the signing of the acquisition agreement. This marks that Wendu Group is accelerating its pace to construct the full industry chain of education.
As a comprehensive wisdom education industry group committed to the whole industry chain and internationalization, Wendu Group has more than 20 directly-operated institutions in 12 provinces and cities in China, overseas directly-operated institutions in Canada and other countries as well as more than 600 franchise institutions in China, with more than 2,000 employees in its directly-operated institutions. It has cumulatively recorded more than one million hours of teaching video courses, and has planned, edited and released more than 30 million books, and has trained more than 10 million students. Wendu Group has diversified development in the postgraduate entrance examination program, primary and secondary school coursers, international education, medical test, architect test, test for teacher’s qualification, civil service examination and other areas. It has improved the industrial chain layout and built the full industry chain of education and at the same time created Wendu wisdom education centered on large education data, intelligent learning system and educational ecology.

Bilin Education is an educational institution engaged in specialized courses of postgraduate entrance examination program, especially its psychology specialty has a teaching and research team with outstanding professional capability, which has researched and developed a scientific training system, to improve grades quickly in the interactive teaching, and has enjoyed the reputation of "perfect teaching, excellent materials, good atmosphere of study and great reputation".

HYFY mainly carries out international academic exchange activities and international cooperation for the national education authorities and key primary and secondary schools. Its business covers overseas summer and winter camps, Chinese and foreign exchange students programs, Chinese teachers’ overseas training programs, international courses of Chinese vocational education and basic education, cooperation programs for running Chinese courses, etc. It recruits students through promotion on campus and has a high reputation in the middle schools in Beijing, Wuhan and so on.

According to the introduction of Feng Xiaoping, Chairman of Wendu Group, the acquisition of Bilin Education and HYFY was based on the main business and long-term strategic planning of Wendu Education to enhance its market competitiveness and influence. On the one hand, Wendu Education can quickly have a horizontal expansion in the traditional product line of postgraduate entrance examination program training to enhance its faculty strength and teaching experience in the postgraduate entrance examination program for students majoring in psychology, promote the development of specialized course education and training service through the terminal advantage and brand combination, provide more high-quality  training for graduate public courses + professional courses  for more students, and promote Wendu postgraduate entrance examination program training counseling to have more comprehensive scope, more diversified services and more powerful strength in layout improvement and integration of resources. On the other hand, Wendu Education can extend to the depth of the industry at a high starting point, broaden the international education product line, to promote HYFY to have synergy and multiplier effects, acquire and consolidate the K12-related channel advantages, develop "Wendu Education ecology" and accelerate the layout of the whole industrial chain. After the completion of the acquisition of Bilin Education and HYFY, the related business, assets and personnel of the two high-quality enterprises will be redeployed under the unified brand of "Wendu Education" to realize the integration of the advantageous resources of both parties and create new education training projects, further improve the whole industrial chain layout of Wendu Group, and promote the steady development of the whole industrial chain of Wendu Education.
Wendu Group’s Chairman Feng Xiaoping, CEO Wu Peng, General Manager of HYFY Huang Yan and General Manager of Bilin Education Zhao Yunlong attended the signing ceremony, and this event was presided over by the Vice Chairman of Wendu Group Lai Weizhong. The leaders of Wendu Group and its main business departments, HYFY team and Bilin Education team attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.


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