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Hubei Normal University and Wendu Group jointly build “Wendu Institute”


     Air Huangshi Reported In this golden autumn season with rich harvest, on November 11, "cooperation to build the Wendu Institute of Hubei Normal University inauguration ceremony and personnel training program demonstration" was held in Huangshi City, Hubei Province. "Wendu Institute" proposed by Hubei Normal University and the Century Wendu Education& Technology Group Inc.( hereinafter referred to as Wendu Group, stock code: Wendu Education 838380) was formally established. This marked that Hubei Normal University was embarking on a new journey for Wendu Group’s school-enterprise cooperation strategy. The deputy secretary of Hubei Provincial Committee and Academic Committee, Yu Xuemin, the party member of the Education Department, Deng Lihong, Academic Director of the Provincial Education Department, Zhang Xinming, Vice Mayor of Huangshi City, Xiang xianzhi, the Party Secretary of Hubei Normal University, Principal Li Hong, Huang Shihua, member of Party Committee and Vice Principal, Lei Rujin, member of School Party Committee and Vice Principal, Yu Tao, member of School Party Committee and Vice Principal, Wang Saiyu, member of School Party Committee and Vice Principal, Feng Xiaoping, chairman of Wendu Group, Wu Peng, Group Executive President and other leaders attended the meeting.

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee made innovation and development the first of the five development concepts, and placed innovation at the core of the overall national development. To implement the innovation-driven development, the Internet +, widespread entrepreneurship and innovation and other major national strategies, it is urgent to accelerate the training personnel of applied technology, and promote the formation of scientific and rational educational structure and human resources structure. In order to promote school-enterprise cooperation and bring more high-quality social resources into college teaching, the Ministry of Education introduced a number of policies to build cooperation platform for enterprises and universities. Since 2014, the Higher Education Division of the Ministry of Education organized well-known domestic and international enterprises and universities to carry out "cooperative education" project, to encourage enterprises to participate in the reform of College personnel training in a variety of ways, including provisions of special funds, course reform, teacher training and technical support, with the aim to cultivate applied talents to meet enterprises’ needs. In November, 2015, the Ministry of Education, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance issued “the Guiding Opinions on Directing the Transformation to application of Ordinary Undergraduate Colleges in Some Areas “.In April, 2016, Ge Daokai, the Vocational Education and Adult Education Division of the Ministry of Education, said that "the State Council on accelerating the development of modern vocational education decision" had clearly put forward some regulations and incentive policies to promote school-enterprise cooperation. At present, the relevant departments are studying the "school-enterprise cooperation promotion approach" which will stimulate enterprises to participate in vocational education, implement existing incentives and put forward new incentives to further improve the Enterprise Interests Protection in process of school-enterprise cooperation. Under the drive of the transition and reform of higher education, the university education is confronted with new challenges and historical tasks, and under the pressure of the reform and development of higher education, it is an inevitable trend for the development of international education in universities to explore the integration of production and teaching, the school-enterprise cooperation mechanism, the innovation of application-oriented school system, and the cultivation of international professional standards.

Hubei Normal University is a provincial normal university focusing on humanities, social science, science, engineering, with characteristics of teacher education and with subject to serve basic education, with a master's degree grant, and it is the national undergraduate school of outstanding teaching Work assessment. In the past 42 years, nearly 100,000 graduates of various majors were cultivated, and the school has become the backbone of higher normal education, and is also the important base to train teachers of elementary education in Hubei Province.

Lei Rujin, member of the school Party Committee and Vice Principal, said that as a nationwide well-known educational technology industry group, Wendu Group focused on educational training, publication, multimedia distance education, network technology, international education, and study abroad in the past 20 years, and received widely recognition for its excellent teachers, wonderful courses, professional services, scientific management and all-round brand building as China's authoritative, well-known brand of education. On June 13, 2016, the International College of Hubei Normal University signed a memorandum of cooperation and conducted in-depth study on the integration of production and education, which laid the foundation of school-enterprise cooperation and cooperatively developing Wendu college. In order to speed up the implementation of this cooperation and expand the cooperation area, and after the discussion by School Committee, Hubei Normal University decided to start strategic cooperation of school level with Wendu Group, to establish “Wendu College”jointly, and it will bring positive effects on the area of production- education integration and school-enterprise cooperation to meet the employment’s need of industry qualifications, vocational capacity, job skills and domestic and international entrance training, enhance higher education’s ability to service regional industry and economic and social development, strive to build the application-oriented personnel training demonstration college.

      Feng Xiaoping, chairman of Wendu Group, said that education is a process to cultivate a new generation, the heir of national undertaking, so the education must meet social need, and be society-oriented, market-oriented. School-enterprise cooperation is a kind of "win-win" mode, which focuses on training quality, practice, resources, sharing information of both school and enterprises. School-enterprise cooperation had done the new ideal job of meeting social need,
market integration, cooperation with enterprises, combination of practice and theory, which brought new development to education. After the establishment of Wendu Institute of Hubei Normal University, the two sides will closely cooperate on curricula, teacher training, employment and other specific work and strive to achieve "you have me, I have you", to create a model of national industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation.

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