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Wendu Education landed the first New OTC Market "Innovation Hundred List"

        On 19, November, being hosted by the Xinhua network, the Guangdong Venture Capital Association and One New OTC Market Institute, and being organized by One Service, “New OTC Market Development Forum • the First New OTC Market Hundred List • Innovation Hundred List” conference was held in Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou.
        Gao Shangquan, the former vice chairman of State Commission for Restructuring, Zhong Xuanhui, the deputy Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government, Zhao Donghui, the vice president and editor-in-chief of the Guangdong Branch of Xinhua News Agency, Gao Zhenying, vice general-manager of National Equities Exchange and Quotations Co. Ltd., Shan Xiangshuang, chairman of China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group and Li Chunhong, the honorary president of Guangdong Province Venture Capital Association attended the press conference and delivered speeches.

         The chairman Feng Xiaoping and chief executive officer Wu Peng of Century Wendu Education Technology Group Inc.(hereinafter referred to as "Wendu Group") attended this activity, and Wendu Education(stock code: 838380) landed the first “New OTC Market Hundred List” from 9559 companies of new New OTC Market listed companies. At the meeting, the Group Chairman Feng Xiaoping released a roadshow report on behalf of enterprises of the list, causing strong concern of the judges and investment institutions.   

           In the strategy of "innovation-driven development", the New OTC Market market which has gathered a large number of high-growth and high-tech small-and-medium-sized enterprises, reflects the development of China's emerging economy to some extent. On the spot, the honorary president Li Chunhong of the Guangdong Provincial Venture Capital Association announced the release of the first New OTC Market Blue-chip Hundred List, innovation hundred List, and Wendu Education landed the first "New OTC Market Innovation Hundred List". "Double hundred list" aims to provide excellent enterprise sample for New OTC Market development and spread positive energy by professional, impartial, public selection, simultaneously reduce the cost of searching excellent targets and improve decision efficiency for the majority of institutional investors.    
           Feng Xiaoping, chairman of Wendu Group, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua that topping the “Hundred List” among all those New OTC Market enterprises is a kind of encouragement or even a spur for Wendu Group. Wendu Group will continue improving its brand construction on products, services, teachers, trainees, technology and so on. Driven by the new ecology of education and Internet concept, Wendu Group will build “Wisdom Education” with the core of Wendu Intelligent Learning System, Wendu Education Ecology, big data of Wendu Education. (Zhi Ang)

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