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China Internet Information Center|Feng Xiaoping of Wendu Group: Innovative Thinking Based on Big Data and Way of Enterprises Reformation

China Internet Information Center, July 26th, news (reporter Liu Chang, Wang Rui) the Internet Age broke in in full fury and many traditional industries came crashing down before making responses. For traditional industries, transition to the Internet is an irreversible trend. However, what the traditional industries are facing is the dilemma of “transition means looking for death; non-transition means waiting for death”. Thus how to make successful transition becomes a problem in urgent need to be solved for enterprises in the traditional industries.
Why did some of the exploration in enterprise transition succeed but some fail? What are the key factors during the process of determining the direction and type of transition? Recently, with above questions the reporter had an exclusive interview with Mr. Feng Xiaoping, Chairman of Century Wendu Education & Technology Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Wendu Group).

At the very beginning, Wendu Group became well-known in the industry for its postgraduate entrance exam consulting and training service. Over the past 20 years, Wendu Group has completed the preliminary brand construction in many aspects including products, services, teachers, students and technology, etc. and has established Wendu Wisdom Education with Wendu education big data, Wendu intelligent learning system and Wendu education ecology as the core driven by new ecological education and the concept of Internet.

Today, Wendu Group will gradually achieve closed-loop management of "Wendu education ecology", while at the same time starting layout plans in various business fields such as postgraduate entrance examination, medical examination, civil service examination, vocational qualification test for constructors, teacher certification examination, international education and K12 education, etc., and will be devoted to establishment of internationalized and integrated wisdom education industrial group of the whole industry chain.

Reporter: Media evaluation says that, Wendu Group has witnessed the whole process of the professional development of China educational training. In the face of constant transitions and changes, what constitutes the core competitiveness of enterprises?

Feng Xiaoping: The development of Wendu Group has been relatively stable, which stems from our deep understanding of the corporate culture and inheritance of the essence of education. We have been committed to the development and progress of education, culture, science and technology, relying on unremitting efforts and innovation of people of Wendu and providing professional education products and quality education services for the community.

There are many difficulties the traditional education companies face when they are combined with the internet. Without innovative thinking, it is hard to overcome obstacles and achieve success for both enterprises and individuals. There is always active creative thinking in the genes of Wendu Group. For us, some difficulties and challenges are foreseeable.

The application of technology in practice must respect the law of education, so that the experience of learners will be different. I believe that students are the main body of study. Internet is just a learning tool and its ultimate goal is to improve students’ learning efficiency. How to satisfy students’ needs? I think it calls on a systematic and comprehensive project. The biggest difference between Wendu Group and other corporations lies in its systematicness, which utilizes tools and methods to design a whole set of learning program centering on students. This learning program should not just reflect new technology, but most importantly has deep understanding of the essence of education.

 “Advocating Honor, Striving for Excellence” is the business philosophy that Wendu Group has always been adhering to. In terms of corporate management level, we put forward requirements from two aspects: one is execution since many enterprises succeeded because of execution and also died because of execution. Therefore if things are not done right, the entire section will go wrong at the end; the other is specialization level. We hope that everyone would have relatively high standards and requirements on their professional levels. If enterprise employees have strong executive power and high professional level, they can provide better service for consumers and create more accurate products, so that the enterprise will be able to compete in the industry in an invincible position.

Reporter: Wendu Group is committed to the development and construction of internationalized and integrated wisdom education industrial platform of the whole industry chain, how is the progress going currently? What product lines have been deployed?

Feng Xiaoping: in terms of the content, the current business fields of Wendu Group consists of four parts: firstly Wendu postgraduate entrance examination training; secondly the vocational education, including medical examination, civil service examination, vocational qualification test for constructors and teacher certification test; thirdly the international education, covering overseas study, language training, international study tour, Sino-foreign cooperative education services; fourthly K12 education. Wendu Group also founded subsidiary in Canada, which connected through international education both home and abroad, so that students could enjoy one-stop services. Thus, Wendu Group formed an internationalized strategic layout of the whole industry chain. According to the displaying form of products, Wendu Group operates in five forms: books, face-to-face teaching, multimedia distance learning, online classroom and mobile Internet classroom. In terms of business mode, Wendu Group adopted three kinds of development modes: "face-to-face teaching + books", "direct operation + franchising" and "online + offline".

Reporter: Wendu Group is building Wendu Wisdom Education with education big data, intelligent learning system and educational ecology as the core, would you please introduce the specific development plan?

Feng Xiaoping: The intelligent learning system is the basis of survival of the brand --Wendu Education. Based on the application of big data and new technology, the intelligent learning system makes learning easier, more efficient, more relaxing and more interesting. Wendu Group has begun to explore the prescription style of teaching students in accordance of their aptitude since a dozen years ago. At that time evaluations were done by human labors, but now they can be finished through new technology, for example, the SIS online assessment system of Wendu Group can make preliminary judgment on the strengths, weaknesses of students after testing their disciplinary knowledge, memory capacity and comprehensive ability, and then a personalized study plan will be enacted by professional teachers of Wendu Group.

The development goal of Wendu Group “making learning easier", not only puts forward requirements on teachers, but also brings up new demands on technology. The big data has a scientific and accurate analysis on human and our traditional way of teaching students according to their aptitude actually has a history of more than two thousand years. However, under the modern new technological environment, teaching students according to their aptitude requires to make specific analysis on all kinds of learning behavior and learning habits of people, which will show significant effect after being put into use.

In order to realize “making learning more efficient”, exploring some of the laws of memory and learning is necessary, which can be easily realized under the big data environment, or rather which is of relatively high precision. We will obtain preliminary judgments through some data analysis and some tests, and then find out the learners’ own personalized rules of learning from experience, so that learners can further know their own ability level.

"Making learning more relaxing" is to explore some new teaching forms. For example, we talked about "enjoy learning", thus both how to learn happily and how to reduce anxiety in learning through the product mix were very meaningful.

Finally “making learning more interesting "is to enhance the learning interest in teaching through lively activities.

We firmly believe that: if the "four more" can be realized, the learners’ learning efficiency will be greatly improved and the interest of learning will be significantly enhanced, then the effectiveness of learning will also be greatly improved.

Reporter: For Wendu Group, economic benefits, development scale and brand value, which one do you think is the core goal of the company should pursue?

Feng Xiaoping: The core goal must be brand value. If an enterprise possesses favorable brand value, the economic benefits and development scale will be realized correspondently. There is rich connotation behind the brand value, for example, the products we produced and the services we provided for the community as well as the spirit we disseminated and the culture we shaped, all are the real core of an enterprise.

Till the present stage of development, Wendu Group, in fact, has always been operating business around the brand value. Specific to each product, each service, and even every communication with partners, all these can be reflected by the brand value. Brand value is not simply the monetary value assessed in several billions yuan, but the spirit and culture transmitted out of it and the added value included in promoting social progress in the end. Products, programs and services, are just only reflections of the physical level, behind which is still the value. Yet the value will be developed to brand value, which is an important and relatively high-end carrier for our external communication. All other products will be attached to the carrier. 

Reporter: Wendu Group has recently successfully listed on NEEQ, how will it influence the future development of the company?

Feng Xiaoping: company listing is conducive to improving the corporate governance structure and the company will become more standardized and transparent as well as have greater sense of social responsibility after the reform of the shareholding system. In addition, more investment will be attracted. The financing will undoubtedly promote more rapid development of the company even though we are not lack of money. We just regarded listing as a new way of enterprise development, which means higher standards and requirements for the enterprise as well as more resources, channels and cooperative partners. In this way, the enterprises will become more standardized, more efficient and more quality as well as make greater contributions to the society.

Reporter: 2016 is the "Construction Year for Wendu Wisdom Education”, please talk about the development orientation for this theme year. What resources will be joint in the future?

Feng Xiaoping: Wendu Group has been committed to the comprehensive education service of the whole industry chain over the years. In addition to the development in these areas of examination-oriented education, quality-orientated education, vocational education, technical education and international education, Wendu Group will continue to expand business scope and develop more learning products based on people’s demands on learning.

Recently, we signed a memorandum of cooperation framework with International College of Hubei Normal University. Both sides will implement the goal of training applied talents docking with international standards by taking measures of constructing high-end international joint training platform and internationalized application-oriented school running system. Based on the university-enterprise cooperative construction, we will establish a large number of “Wendu Colleges” across the whole nation in the next two or three years.

In addition, Wendu Group became the first one to settle in the Flames Innovation Valley and jointly constructed “Wendu Wisdom Education Industrial Park". These two sides will focus on "Internet + education" to explore the transformation and upgrading of education industry, give play to their respective advantages and characteristics, exert themselves to innovate intelligent learning system, promote the learning revolution by creating all kinds of infrastructure and industrial chain service platforms; enhance contents of science and technology, optimize the educational ecological structure, introduce strategic investment, expand wisdom education industry, and strive to take the lead in building wisdom education industrial park with demonstration effects both home and abroad.

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