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China Internet Information Center: Wendu Online School, Learn Anywhere at Any Time as You Wish

Wendu Group is dedicated to internationalized and integrated wisdom education industrial group of the whole industry chain, giving full play to the strength based on Wendu education big data, taking advantage of the three-in-one Wendu wisdom education model with Wendu education, ecology and intelligent learning systems as well as focusing on attaching equal importance to online and offline teaching and integrating both online and offline teaching. Wendu Online School is regarded as the main battlefield of online teaching of Wendu Group.

Wendu Online School, founded in 2003, is one of well-known brands of education websites subordinated to Wendu Group and is also an authoritative and professional large-scale distance education website of the country currently. It provides public courses and professional courses of postgraduate entrance examination, specialized courses for professional master and academic master, specialized courses of non-nationwide exams, CET 4 and CET 6, medical licensing examination, pharmacist licensing examination, chinese license examination for nurse, national health professional technical qualification examination, license examination for constructor and engineer, civil service examination, teacher certification/recruitment examinations, minority languages and other related online courses. More than ten thousand hours of online courses are uploaded and each course uploaded is essence version of face-to-face Wendu training course. These online courses greatly satisfy the students’ free learning desire and win the trust and praise of the majority of students by virtue of streaming media teaching methods without limitation to time, space and the number of times the course is played as well as clear and smooth videos and audios.
  Facing to the future, Wendu Online School is constantly exploring distance education model under the complicated network environment. It has established a large-scale scientific and teaching platform that integrated education consulting, online learning, mobile learning, online bookstores, online question answering, live lectures, simulation test and community interaction. The platform, featured by individualized independent learning, top teachers, guidance, authoritative supporting teaching materials and perfect service system, allows students to study freely as soon as they sit in front of a computer without any limitation to IP, space and time, and enables anyone to repeat learning any courses from any chapter as well as provides online courses and services at anytime and anywhere as they wish for the students.

The Internet changed life and Wendu created miracles. The online education training and offline face-to-face teaching of Wendu Online School formed a beneficially complementary product chain pattern and fully satisfied students’ diversified and different needs of learning with a variety of training methods and channels, enabling students to learn in whatever way as they want and helping the students to pass exams smoothly and realize their dreams of life.
Quoted from China Internet Information Center: original headline: Wendu Online School, Learn Anywhere at Any Time as You Wish

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