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Commercial Times: Internet+ Gives Wendu Education Wings for Soaring to the Skies

Under the era background with in-depth penetration of "Internet +", Century Wendu Education & Technology Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Wendu Group") gives full play to the advantage based on Wendu Education big data, using the three-in-one Wendu wisdom education mode, which includes Wendu education ecological system and Wendu intelligent learning system, with the whole industry chain linkage development, to create a globalized education industry group.

Currently in the context that education resources are imbalanced, as supplements of the national compulsory education, social education training institutes are of learnability while at the same time are more selective and interesting, which play significant roles in making up for educational gaps including the imbalance of educational resources and the improvement of integrated quality education.

As an exam-taking training agency, Wendu Group adhered to the corporate philosophy of “Advocate Honor, the Pursuit of Excellence”, committing itself to establishment of an internationalized and integrated wisdom education industrial group of the whole industry chain. It has received popularity and trust from tens of millions of students since it was established 20 years ago.

Up to now, Wendu Group has achieved preliminary success: providing training services covering various fields of education industry including postgraduate entrance examination, medical examination, civil service examination, vocational qualification test for constructors, teacher certification examination as well as international education; establishing more than 20 directly-operated institutions in 12 provinces and cities of the country, overseas subsidiaries in Canada and other countries and over 600 franchised institutions across the nation and possessing more than 3,000 employees in its directly-operated institutions; recording an accumulative total of over one million hours of all kinds of video teaching courses; planning, editing and publishing over 30 million related books; training more than 10 million students; successively receiving hundreds of honors and being awarded as “Top 20 Branded Education Corporations of China” “The Most Valuable Franchise Brand Organization” “Top 10 Education Chain Brands” by such organizations as China Education Online of Ministry of Education, Xinhuanet, Sina, Tencent, Sohu and NetEase.

  2016--Wendu’s Construction Year for Wisdom Education”
The reasons for Wendu Group’s success today and wide recognition within the industry lie in its concerns for the current time, focus on education and commitment to intelligence and ecology. At the beginning of the year 2016, Wendu Group defined the year’s development goal as “construction year for wisdom education”. Drawing on solid development foundation laid down by star teachers of the industry, excellent courses, high-quality materials, professional services, cutting-edge technology, scientific management and all-round brand construction and driven by new educational ecology and internet+, Wendu Group managed to create wisdom education environment with education data, intelligent learning system and educational ecology of Wendu as the core.

Centering on three key words “science and technology” “intelligence” and “learning”, Wendu Group has established online and offline education platforms and connected through online and offline educational resources. In educational fields of postgraduate entrance examination, medical examination, vocational qualification test for constructors, teacher certification test, civil service examination and international education, Wendu Group has developed a variety of new technical education products such as Wendu micro-classroom, Wendu live courses, Wendu cloud classroom, Wendu Postgraduate Exam Test Bank, Wendu Mentor Sunshine Card, Wendu star teachers’ face-to-face courses, Wendu elaborate books, Wendu multimedia distance learning, Wendu online schools, Wendu Postgraduate Exam Eagle Flying training camp, Wendu medical exam super training camp, Wendu civil service exam super training camp, Wendu constructor’s vocational qualification test super training camp and Wendu Postgraduate Exam Rainbow Card, etc. Under the leadership of wisdom, Wendu Group has fully satisfied diversified demands of students in multiple aspects by a variety of education products.

Diversified Coverage in Six Major Fields of the Whole Industry Chain
Wendu Group has been far ahead in business of postgraduate examination training in domestic market and also played an important role in such business areas as medical examination, vocational qualification test for constructors, teacher certification test and civil service examination. Particularly international education, as an up-rising business of Wendu Group, is developing quickly. The six major business lines—postgraduate examination training, medical examination training, constructors’ vocational qualification test preparation, teacher certification test preparation, civil service examination training and international education—have constituted the main business of Wendu Group, reflecting its diversified development.

Wendu Postgraduate Entrance Examination Program (postgraduate entrance exam training service) is composed of public courses, professional courses, high-end guidance curricula, examination training camps, MAB tutoring programs, GCT tutoring programs and so on. Its teaching staff teams are made up of front-line star tutors who are specialized in postgraduate examination training of the whole country, have a deep understanding of postgraduate entrance exam paper scoring system and exam proposition rules and give lessons scientifically based on the principle of teaching knowledge from the easy to the difficult, from the general to the comprehensive and learning knowledge step by step, which has led Wendu Postgraduate Entrance Examination Program (postgraduate examination training) to be a famous brand in the business field of postgraduate examination training.

Over the years, Wendu Yikao (training services on medical examination) has been committed to vocational training programs including national medical licensing examination (including assistants’), national pharmacist licensing examination, chinese license examination for nurse and national health professional technical qualification examination. Its exquisite and efficient training services cover over 20 provinces (cities/municipalities) across the nation. It has also established more than 300 terminal teaching centers and developed various teaching methods such as face-to-face teaching, long-distance teaching and online teaching. etc., which has provided a variety of choices for students and as a result the students who joined the training programs reached more than 300 thousand.

Wendu Jiankao (training service on vocational qualification examination for constructors) devotes itself to license examination for constructors and engineers, e.g. level-one and level-two vocational qualification examinations for constructors and possesses excellent teams constituted by first-class teaching staff from such elite schools as Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law and Tianjin University of Technology, etc. Its establishment of elementary classes provides professional and ideal guarantees of passing exams for numerous students with poor knowledge foundation. The “face to face + online curriculum” learning method offers considerate and convenient learning services for students who are busy with work.
Wendu Jiaozi covers business of teacher certification test and teacher recruitment/special post teacher’s examination, which constitutes six tutorship systems—teaching staff development, examinee services, teaching and research, products research and development, teaching materials and high-end tutoring—as one. It has independently created one-on-one full-service concept and progressive step-by-step teaching system, which helps students to achieve favorable training results and become “good helper” of extensive candidates preparing for the tests.

Wendu Gongkao (training services on civil service examination) is joined by specialists and scholars from domestic well-known colleges, universities and scientific research institutions such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Governance, etc., covering training services on all recruiting examinations of civil servants such as state civil servants, provincial civil servants, staff of government affiliated institutions, selected graduates, army cadres transferred to civilian work, police officers, leading cadres of the Party and government, etc. It has created an authoritative trinity tutorship system and intelligent learning system with face-to-face teaching, online live-broadcast/recorded course and books, devoted itself to the increase of students’ examination pass rate and has obtained proud achievements.

Wendu International Education, is a large-scale education service platform subordinated to Wendu Group, which has integrated overseas study, language training, international study tour and Sino-foreign cooperative education services as one and provided one-stop learning services for a large number of students on account of overseas excellent teaching resources and experienced international teaching teams. There are 7 major advantages for Wendu International Education: 1. professional teachers and returned overseas consultant teams with master’s or doctor’s degree; 2. personalized one-stop tracking service; 3. over 2000 prestigious overseas universities as cooperative agencies; 4. tailored overseas study plans; 5. guarantee for all-round efficient services; 6. free online and offline learning; 7. comprehensive security check for 360-degree study tours. Seeing into the future, the company has not only established school points in many places at home, but also built international schools in North America and wholeheartedly provided “homelike” landing services for numerous students studying abroad, which is taking Wendu International Education to a new step on the road of cultivating more internationalized talents.

“Internet+” Brought Vitality to Wendu Education
On July 4th of 2015, signed and approved by Premier Li Keqiang, the State Council issued Suggestions on Actively Promoting “Internet+” Action ( hereinafter referred to as “the Suggestions”) , which proposed that the general goal of “ Internet+” Action was, by 2018, to further deepen integrative development of internet and various fields of economy and society, to make the new internet-based business format a new economic growth impetus, to further enhance internet’s function in supporting public entrepreneurship and massive innovation, to make Internet an important method of providing public services and to basically form the development pattern with collaboration and interaction between internet economy and entity economy.

In the field of education, by providing open courses for registered students of primary and secondary schools, universities and vocational institutions with demands on multi-level education training, online learning enables these students to participate in national unified examinations, to have lessons and to acquire corresponding diplomas and skill certificates without leaving their home. “Internet+ education” will make the conduction of all future teaching and learning activities center on the internet: teachers give lessons and students study on the internet, information flows and knowledge is shaped online, and offline activities become the supplement and extension of online activities.

According to related officials of Wendu Group, “Internet+ education” will not only influence entrepreneurs. Besides, some related platforms will increase job opportunities. Online education platform, for example, provides vocational training and equips a group of people with occupational skills while encourages them to start their own business, which will help to solve job problems. Yet “Internet+” will never replace but bring new vitality to traditional education.
Quoted from Commercial Times: original headline: Internet+ Gives Wendu Education Wings for Soaring to the Skies

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