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Tencent’s Exclusive Interview with Zhan Qiu of Wendu International Education


Tencent Education: Mr. Zhan Qiu, please introduce the construction background of your esteemed Group to the audience.

Zhan Qiu: Since 1990s, our country has put forward and began to implement quality-oriented education, which required courses to be different from that of the examination-oriented education. Facing the new situation of transition of education development ideas and education curriculum reform, Wendu, as an education and training organization, came into being in the era of the tide. Currently Wendu Education Group established more than 20 direct operation companies in 12 provinces and cities, a total of over 600 franchising institutions across the nation and wholly-own subsidiaries in foreign countries like Canada. Driven by the new ecological education and the concept of Internet, Wendu gave full play to the strength based on Wendu education big data, took advantage of the three-in-one Wendu wisdom education model with Wendu education ecology and intelligent learning systems to build a global education industrial group integrating the development of the whole industry chain.

Tencent Education: Family education is the core for the growth of children, so how should parents do to foster children's international vision and international thinking?

Zhan Qiu: Regarding the cultivation of Chinese students’ international perspectives, I think parents should take the lead in fostering international vision and set an example for the kids, have more contact with foreign culture and get to know overseas education developments because parents’ words and deeds are always the most effective teaching methods. Wendu Education provides overseas parent-child study tours and overseas study warm-up products for domestic families with intention to study abroad. Parents and children can not only visit famous overseas universities and attractions together, but also can participate in the parent-child class to experience foreign culture and expand their horizons in the joyful atmosphere.

Tencent Education: With the rising number of students studying abroad, low-age students studying overseas has greatly increased. How can parents plan international education process appropriately for their children?

Zhan Qiu: The process of studying abroad should be connected with the children's mental maturity and independence. There is no absolute best age for studying overseas. As long as the students can independently deal with study and life of their own stage, they can consider plans of studying abroad. In general, students went abroad in early age have advantages in improving language and adapting to the culture and they also have greater chance to be admitted to foreign universities, which can be seen from our admission statistical data of previous years. But parents should also give consideration to the rebellious psychology of adolescent students as well as their ability to act independently. Going abroad is only the beginning of overseas study for students. Gradual adaptation and improvement are the goals for us. Till now, Wendu has established channels of cooperation with many foreign high schools, so that we can follow up and make feedback on students’ life and learning at school without delay. Any problems will be solved timely by the school and Wendu, so parents can feel safe in using study abroad service provided by Wendu.
Quoted from Zhan Qiu of Wendu International Education: Give Children Enough Space for Independent Development

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