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Tencent’s 2016 Awards Ceremony for Star Teachers Contest

The large-scale teacher assessment activity “Good Teacher of China 2016 Star Teachers Contest" specially planned by the Tencent Education, came to its official awards ceremony on September 6th in Beijing after going through registration in June, auditions in August and finals in September. Zhai Siming, high school Biology teacher of campus of Wendu K12, located in Renmin University of China, overcame all difficulties in the way, finally entered into the finals and won the title of “Good Teacher of China”.

Zhai Siming’s talks on teaching experience: I taught High School Biology which is believed to be a science subject with the most obvious features of liberal art since it is detail-oriented and full of new obscure terminologies. Thus Biology lessons must be given in an interesting and vivid way, so that the students may have interest in the subject. I did well regarding this aspect in my teaching. Instead of “instillation” type of teaching, I advocated “inspiring” students. I prefer guiding students to think independently in a way of heuristic teaching, encouraging students to take the initiative to learn by using humorous language as well as making obscure knowledge easy to understand for students by using examples close to our life. We all know that "interest is the best teacher", so I hope to trigger students’ interest in learning Biology at the first step in a lively and funny lesson. Many of my students who were tired of and had no good methods in learning Biology said that they never find learning Biology simple and easy until they listened to my Biology class.

Regarding teaching Biology, a detail-oriented subject, what I can do is to help students establish good learning habits and learning methods in their learning little by little. For example, teaching students how to sort out the frame of knowledge, how to establish their own correctional notebooks as well as how to analyze causes of errors after examination and make plan for future study. The formation of these habits requires long-term guidance and supervision. As a representative of strong minded teachers, I will play a role of example and help students do it better. That is what I can bring to my students in my Biology class.

A lot of students I taught have greatly improved their exam performance. Most students in my class of Biology Proficiency Test basically kept A's. Many students preparing for college entrance exam, who could only get 30 or so out of a full score of 100, were able to remain stable with high marks of 60 to 70 out of a full score of 80 in the second mock college entrance examination and even in college entrance examination.

I believe that “There is no unqualified students, but only unqualified teachers and parents". As long as we are willing to pay attention to them, take care of them with love as well as give them help and support, they will certainly make a difference. So in my teaching career, what pleased me most is that I can not only help children to establish interest in the subject of Biology, but also help them build good learning habits and learning methods. What’s more, the children’s improvement in academic performance will unconsciously recover their confidence in learning, whilst such a confident and favorable attitude is particularly important for them in their future study and growth.

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