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Beijing Wendu launched the 2018 "Golden Autumn Action" battle.

On August 28th, the Beijing Wendu 2018 "Golden Autumn Action'' mobilization meeting was held in Conference Room 2103 in the new campus at Xueyuan Road. Feng Xiaoping, Chairman of Wendu Group, Zhangjuan and Li Jinghua, Vice President of the Group, Wu Xianwen, Executive Principal of Beijing Wendu, and Vice Principal Mei Li, the heads of all departments and some employees of Beijing Wendu attended the meeting. The conference mainly focused on the definition and implementation of the objectives and tasks of the "excellent staff "Golden Autumn Action", and the sharing of outstanding employees' experiences and supporting departments. Beijing Wendu Executive Principal Wu Xianwen presided over the conference.

Chairman Feng Xiaoping made a mobilization speech at the meeting. First, the comprehensive mission objectives from September to December were quantified to make the goals more referable. Secondly, he analyzed the current situation of Beijing Wendu and made a macro path development plan based on the available resources, advantages and space for development. The plan includes four parts: the rational allocation of resources in teaching research institute provides an important force for the development of Beijing Wendu; Beijing Wendu has the advantages of talents, environment and projects, and need to be used well; Beijing Wendu offline business still has a lot of room for development, so it should develop the offline market well and empower the Wendu institutions across the country; It is necessary to concentrate on doing one business, and to do practical work and improve the actual production capacity. Chairman Feng also emphasized the theme month of the Group's talent development in August. We must strengthen the cultivation of five types of talents which are excellent managers, elite principals, gold counselors, heart-felt learning and management teachers and star teachers, and shoulder the lofty mission of "Education Makes Life Better" in order to make every student succeed in learning. Through the "Golden Autumn Action" to train the talent team and build it better, Chairman Feng hoped that "Golden Autumn Action" would bring new strength and happiness to Wendu employees!

Mei Li, Vice Principal of Beijing Wendu, did a decomposed explanation on the mission objectives of the "Golden Autumn Action". First, Beijing Wendu departments signed written pledge for the 2018 fall performance target. Secondly, she analyzed the existing advantages of Beijing Wendu, which includes new hardware facilities, such as the use of new campus, the adjustment and construction of teaching research institute, the increasingly mature talent training system, and the complete and solid training system. She hoped that the staff of all departments and positions should perform their duties with due diligence, coordinate and cooperate well enough to achieve the golden autumn's mission objectives from September to October. Finally, she broke down the task into various departments and quantified it to make the goal clearer and more referable.

The heads of all departments of Beijing Wendu signed written pledges and introduced the specific implementation methods of the "Golden Autumn Action" tasks of each department. Heads of the support departments also reported the task of the "Golden Autumn Action". Fan Jingwen, director of Beijing Wendu Online Consulting Department, dismantled the task to each counselor, saying that the completion of the task requires the cooperation of the department and the supporting department. Feng Yaxing, deputy manager of Beijing Wendu Channel Department introduced the implementation of the task decomposition of the department. Yu Hongwei, director of Beijing Wendu Teaching Center, explained the task decomposition, personnel arrangement, team building and offline activities, etc.. Guo Liwei, project manager of the Medical Project Center, talked about the importance of communication and collaboration, and introduced the mission objectives and decomposition implementation of the department. Chen Fengjuan, head of the Product Department, introduced the work tasks of the department. Li Ni, deputy dean of the Beijing Wendu Postgraduate Teaching Research Institute, explained the decomposition implementation of the work tasks of the Institute. Sun Yumin, head of the Curriculum Department, introduced the tasks of the Classroom Department. Ni Ling, deputy manager of the Postgraduate Teaching Service Center, introduced their work plans. Zhang He, head of the Network Operation Center, gave a description of the tasks from the perspectives of the marketing, the operation, and the website operation module. After that, three excellent employees of Beijing Wendu have shared their experiences in order to better use and learn from the experience and promote personal and team growth.

Beijing Wendu Executive Principal, Wu Xianwen, made a concluding statement. He said that the "Golden Autumn Action " played a role in the deployment of a phased task, so that there is a clearer goal, and at the same time, the work experience is combed and integrated for reference, and a commitment is made through the ceremony to enhance the sense of responsibility, sublimity and accumulate more power and turn them into actual performance. He emphasized that only when everyone is fullfilling their own duties and doing their utmost, will the team surely achieve the performance goals of the entire Golden Autumn Action. The mobilization meeting successfully completed the aim of the Beijing Wendu 2018 "Golden Autumn Action" mission. The participants were full of confidence to achieve the goal and the complete the mission. Everyone said that they will work hard and try to exceed the target, helping the business of Wendu to leap forward .

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