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The third phase of the Wendu 2018 Yijian Training Camp opened in Beijing

On the afternoon of August 22nd, the students of the Wendu Jiankao 2018 Yijian Training Camp all over the country came to the Beijing Training Headquarter of Wendu Jiankao for registration, and visited the new campus of Wendu Group at Xueyuan Road, and then went to the Wendu Jiankao Training Camp to prepare for the upcoming opening ceremony.

At 5 pm, the Wendu Jiankao 2018 Yijian Training Camp was officially opened at the Shunyi Training Camp Base in Beijing. Teachers, students and staff of Wendu Jiankao witnessed the opening ceremony of the Yijian Training Camp. Zhang Juan, the operation manager of Wendu Jiankao project, presided over the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Juan, the operation manager of Wendu Jiankao project, introduced the study, life and personal attitude during the time in the training camp. She mentioned that when come to the training camp, the students must study hard and the course schedule will be more intense, and there will be more learning tasks. Students should be prepared to study hard. Teachers will explain the key points and difficulties of various exams according to the exam form, so that everyone can learn from them. When encountering problems in the training of the training camp, students can always ask the teachers of Wendu Jiankao, and they will do their best to help solve the problems. She also stressed that the purpose of participating in the training camp is to learn knowledge and pass the exam. She hopes that every Wendu student will cherish the time in the training camp, prepare for the exam carefully, and finally pass the exam.

The teachers of Wendu Yijian Training Camp are excellent teachers with many years of exam preparation experience. They have unique opinions on the modes, key points and difficulties of the examination, the examination style, and the error-prone points. In the training camp, the teachers will also answer and explain the questions according to the situation of each student and let students have a deeper understanding of knowledge by participating in the training camp, so as to take the exam with confidence.

In order to let students of the Wendu Yijian Training Camp live and study better, Wendu Jiankao also equipped special staff for each student in the training camp. The students can contact the staff for any problems in life and study and special staff will deal with and solve the problem in time.

During the first two training camps sessions, the teachers and courses of Wendu Yijian Training Camp won the praise and recommendation by all students. This is the third phase of the Wendu Yijian Training Camp. The students will start a 10-day training here. The training camp will provide comfortable accommodation for the students. The environment is comfortable and the supporting facilities are complete, which can meet the basic needs of students' life. Students can purchase items and daily necessities according to their own needs in the near supermarket.

The Wendu Jiankao is a professional training and teaching research institution dedicated to the training of the first and second-level construction engineers, fire engineers, cost engineers and other professional qualification examinations. At the same time, it provides professional construction staff training for construction companies, as well as continuing education and engineering review services. In addition, in order to provide students with optimized and upgrading academic qualification, a degree education center has been set up to enhance the student's academic qualification through multimedia distance education, adult college entrance examination, self-study examination and many other forms of education, so as to escort the students’ dream of employment.

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