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Haidian AIC Held Special Training in Contract Law in Wendu Group

On September 28, Chief of the Contract Section Cai Dexin in Haidian Branch of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC), accompanied by relevant leaders of AIC of Ganjiakou, came to Wendu Group to carry out "Contract Law" enterprise special training. Cai Dexin was the main speaker of the training. Vice President of Wendu Group Zhang Jun hosted the training and delivered a welcome speech. The heads of all the headquarter departments and the project departments participated in the training. In the training, the Section Chief Cai Dexin gave a special speech on the contract signing itself, the form and clauses of contracts, and the illegal forms of unfair clauses of contracts. Through this training, the relevant management personnel of Wendu Group studied the related legal knowledge of Contract Law in a systematic way, which provided a strong guarantee for the better and faster development of the educational undertakings of Wendu Group.

The Section Chief Cai Dexin said in the training, Wendu Group is a well-known enterprise in the education industry. It owns good resources, atmosphere and heritage. This training was hosted to make the enterprise better understand and use laws, thus helping the enterprise to develop more healthily. In the first place, the Section Chief Cai gave in-depth explanation on contracts' formulation, contracts' rights and obligations, and the risk management of format contracts. During the explanation, the Section Chief Cai used the animated video presenting three cases as a model, to explain the contract itself, the contract formulation and the specific design of the contract clause in Contract Law in a simple but profound way. The science popularization explanation was vitalized from point to area.

For the three types of violations commonly found in the standard terms (merchants exempt their responsibilities, merchants aggravate consumer responsibilities, merchants deprive consumer rights) and other typical cases of complicated and problematic issues, Section Chief Cai Dexin has analyzed one by one. Section Chief Cai Dexin's in-depth explanation received warm applause from the Wendu department heads and project leaders attending the meeting.

In the subsequent interactive communication session, the director of the Ganjiakou Office of Haidian Branch of Beijing AIC explained the obligations and responsibilities of the company. He summarized the responsibility of this series into the following words: reasonable, legitimate and compliant. He emphasized that if a company wants to grow bigger and stronger, these words are the most important foundation of ensuring a good operation for better and healthier company development.

In the Q&A session, the two sides conducted in-depth interactive discussions on the development and characteristics of the education industry. Beijing Wendu School Executive Principal Wu Xianwen and Vice Principal Mei Li conducted one-on-one discussions and exchanges on common issues such as the setting proportion of contractual liquidated damages, contracts purchasing of students and breach of contract clauses. Section Chief Cai fully affirmed the mastery and use of Contract Law in Wendu Education in daily work, and clearly stated that this insistence doesn’t come easily. The management of reasonable and lawful compliance is bound to become the new driving force for the future development of Wendu Group.

After the training meeting, Zhu Guocheng, Vice President of Wendu Group, presented banners to the Haidian Branch and Ganjiakou Office on behalf of the company to appreciate their on-site training service for better company development.

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