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Nearly 300 media including People. cn and CCTV reports Wendu PEA 2018

From August 27th to 30th, team members of the Wendu Project of Education Aid visited the remote mountainous areas in Henan, Shaanxi and other provinces. In order to make all donations available for the neediest students, the team, walking across the alleys and fields of villages, visited the families of 14 impoverished college students and conveyed greetings to them. They carefully verified the family situations and personal situations of the students who applied for the program, and listened to their growth and inspirational stories. At the same time, they distributed the love grants to 21 college students.

Since then, the Project of Education Aid has won the attention of 279 media including,,,,,,,,, CHINANEWS.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc. Let's spread the fire of love and spread the positive energy of Education Aid with Wendu! 



Education makes a better life. This action has inspired 21 college students to pursue their dreams and sowed the seeds of kindness and gratitude in their hearts. Wendu Education is honored to be a torchbearer, to hand on the torch, to sow hope, so that love will endure and be passed down from generation to generation!

Since 2008, Wendu Education has launched the Project of Education Aid which is focusing on finance poverty students. In the past 10 years, with continuous love, it granted hundreds of poor students to be enrolled into universities, and sponsored them to finish their bachelor's degree successfully. Also, this project made thousands of undergraduate students' dreams come true by funding them to pursue a master's degree.

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