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Wendu Caring Students Program Starts Again in 2018 and 21 Students From Poor Families Are Supported

After this year's college entrance examination results were released, countless letters applying for grants were sent to Century Wendu Education & Technology Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Wendu Education"). These letters stand for the students' dreams of going to colleges. They have studied hard for 18 years and finally been accepted by colleges, but are unable to pay the tuition fee because of poverty. Wendu Caring Students Program started again in 2018. From August 27 to 30, team members of the Wendu Caring Students Action Group visited He'nan, Shaanxi and many other rural remote mountainous areas. In order to make every sum of money available for the most needy students, the team worked tirelessly to walk across the streets and fields of villages and visited the families of 14 impoverished college students and conveyed greetings to them. They carefully verified the family situations and personal situations of the students who applied for the program, and listened to their growth and inspirational stories. At the same time, they distributed the love grants to the hands of 21 college students.

The Song County, located at the southwest of Luoyang City, He'nan Province, is a national poverty-stricken county. The 16 villages and towns of the County are basically located in the deep mountain ditch. The winding and tortuous country lanes lead to bungalows deep in the mountain. When the students of poor families received the college admission notices, they were not happy at all.


Liu, who lives in Huangbai Village, Checun Town, Song County, Luoyang City, He'nan Province, was admitted to Henan University of Science and Technology this year. When he was a child, his father was seriously wounded at a coal pit, and has been unable do heavy work since then. The main source of family's income was his mother's farming and his father's odd jobs in the neighboring village. The accident has put this family into difficulty. Liu's elder sister is also a college student. The family is unable to support both of them. When Liu's peers were planning their trips during the summer vacation, Liu had already worked in an ecdemic electronics factory with several classmates. Liu said, "I have a poor family. I want to earn more money to reduce the burden on my parents." His sister didn't come back home during the summer vacation either. She worked at a local restaurant to earn more money.


Ren, who lives in Huangshuian Village, Deting Town, Song County, He'nan Province, was admitted to in Henan University this year. Despite 18 years old, he has already shouldered the burdens of the family. Ren's mother died in a fire accident eight years ago. His father was also physically disabled and unable to work, and can only serve as a doorkeeper at nearby building site. The burdens of the family fell on the shoulders of his 69-year-old grandfather. His grandfather supports the family with difficulty by planting herbs, wheat and corn. His grandfather should be enjoying his old age in peace, yet now he has to work hard for life. In order to reduce grandfather's pressure, Ren has been engaged in farming after the college entrance exam. He not only takes care of his father and grandfather, but also does farm work to help his grandfather. When it comes to grandchildren, his grandfather couldn't stop talking about him, "He has been sensible since he was a child. We are a poor family, but he never let us worry about him. We are very happy that he enrolled in Henan University. No matter how hard it is, I will support him to finish his college, because he can only shake off poverty by education. 


The 18-year-old Xi is a straight-A student. She lives in Jiaogou Village, Fanpo County, He'nan Province. The Song County is a poverty-stricken county with mountains everywhere. Xi knew the only way out of the dilemma was to enroll in a university, so she had been studying hard since she was a child and had been strict to herself. The walls in her house are covered with awards and certificates. This year, she finally enrolled in Zhengzhou University with a result of 598. When she was enmeshed in happiness, a grievous news came to her that her father was in the terminal stage of cancer. The family that was not rich became even worse. She had to put aside her admission notice of Zhengzhou University and take care of her father at the county hospital every day. In order to treat her father, the family had already owed a lot of debts to relatives and friends. Her father often told her, "I'd rather leave the hospital. I can't helplessly watch you dropping out of school because of the tuition fee."


Wang, graduated from the Department of Physics, Northwest University, got the graduate admission notice of Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry, Wuhan University this year. Growing up in a single-parent family, Wang has been living with her mother all the time. Unfortunately, her mother died the year when she took the college entrance exam. All the tuition fees and living expenses for four-year university were paid by the rental of her house and the scholarships that she earned after studying hard. Everything comes to him who waits. This year, she passed the graduate entrance exam of Wuhan University.

When Fan was 9 years old, he became an orphan after his parents' accident. Since then,he has been living with his grandfather. He hasn't given up his studies because of this. He has learnt to be independent and self-reliant. This year, he enrolled in Communication University of China. In order to earn the tuition fee, Fan went to Guangzhou for work by train on his own during the summer vacation. After one month, he finally earned enough money to pay the tuition fee. His optimism and independence makes him closer to the university.


Li is 21 years old, and she is a junior student from Henan University of Animal Husbandry and Economy. Her family has no house, and therefore she has been living in a home for the aged with her mother in a 10 square meter room in Jiugao Town, Song County, Luoyang City, Henan Province. Since Li's father died in her childhood, she and her mother have been living there for 12 years. Her family is mainly supported by her mother's odd jobs, such as cleaning the home for the aged, nursing the patients at the local hospital in the town, doing the cooking for others and so on. In Li's view, her mother is such a strong woman that she can always deal with it no matter what happens. Li has been considerate of her mother since she was young, and her mother didn't have to worry about her study. She said that she could go to college because she got a lot of help from many people all the way. Now her goal is to pass the postgraduate entrance examination to get a further education, and therefore she can find a good work in the future to repay her mother and the people that helped them a lot.


After three hours of driving on the mountain road, the group of Wendu Study Aid Project finally arrived at Ren's home in Qiupan Village, Zhifang Town, Song County, Luoyang City, Henan Province. The whole village where she lives is located on hillside, and the road is very rough. Ren Huili's house is even dilapidated, with only two adobe houses and no walls. The sign of "poor family" hanging on the doorway is very conspicuous. Ren is a junior student at Henan University of Science and Technology. Her younger brother is in senior three this year. Her mother suffers from cancer, her father has a foot injury, and her grandmother is 92 years old now. Surrounded by mountains, the area is unable to grow any crops, therefore, her family has no income and can only rely on going out to work. Ren said that now she is in college, and her brother is in high school, which is economically difficult for the family. Therefore, she wants to earn money as soon as possible after graduation to reduce the economic burden.


Zhan is 18 years old and was admitted to Shangqiu Normal University this year. Her family has been living in tents for three years since the government demolished their house with land requisition a few years ago. However, there was no sign of any house promised by the government, and it was not settled even they appealed to the local authorities. Finally, the government only built some tents for them to live in temporarily. It is so cold in winter and so hot in summer living in tents that it is totally uninhabitable. However, they had no money left to build a new house, and was forced to live in tents only. Zhan's mother said that her daughter had been studying very hard from childhood and was very happy to be admitted to the university this year. However, all the family were worried about the costly university tuition. It is Wendu Study Aid Project that lets them see the hope again.

The growth stories of poor students are constantly staged in the home visit of the group of 2018 Wendu Study Aid Project. These children, who are supposed to be loved by their parents in their ages, shouldered the burdens and responsibilities of their families prematurely, and experienced the hardships and misfortunes that did not match their age. However, they did not yield to the difficulties in the life. Unwilling to be satisfied with the status quo and always with a brave heart, they still face life with smile no matter how many setbacks they encounter. It is the positive, sunny and upward attitude of these children that has moved the group of Wendu Education Study Aid Project, and has also given more positive energy to the society.

The rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine. Wendu Education has been shouldering the great mission of "Education Makes Life Better", the company has been founded for more than 20 years thanks to the state support for educational undertaking, and actively takes on the social responsibility while developing. Wendu Education, in conjunction with Charity Federation of Shaanxi Province and other institutions, not only provides student grants annually to poor college students to help them complete their studies smoothly, but also provides study aid policies of graduate entrance examination for thousands of students who are excellent in both character and learning to help them pass the postgraduate entrance examination. At the same time, it gives priority to providing internship positions for poor college students, helping them to do well in academic and career planning and to define the direction of life. Wendu Education does not only give you fish but also teach you how to fish, and strives to help them get rid of poverty, get out of the predicament and realize a better future through education.

After receiving the RMB 5,000 student grant, Ren was very excited and said, "I don't know how to give back to you. Maybe we don't have the ability to be grateful right now, therefore, we have to learn professional knowledge hard to repay those who have helped me in the future. Then I can use my ability to help more people who need help and pass this warmth on. 

Among the poor students who have gotten help from Wendu Education, there are quite a few students who are excellent in both character and learning. A student who enrolled in the postgraduate student of Wuhan University told us, "One can be very poor, but not without dreams. I am grateful to Wendu Education for the timely help. In the future, I will take on the responsibility and overcome more difficulties with more positive energy. I will contribute to the society with my own strength to repay those who cared for me and helped me." 

Internal staffs in Wendu Education have set up Poverty Alleviation and Study Aid Foundation, which is funded by the staff and then donates through the welfare fund. Nowadays, Study Aid Project has become one of the long-term public welfare projects in Wendu Education. Helping educational poverty alleviation is also a bridge for Wendu Education to give back to society and sow hope while developing itself.

Study changes fate, Wendu achieves the future. Since 2008, Wendu Education has launched the Project of Education Aid which is focusing on finance poverty students. In the past 10 years, with continuous love, it granted hundreds of poor students to be enrolled into universities, and sponsored them to finish their bachelor's degree successfully. Also, this project made thousands of undergraduate students' dreams come true by funding them to pursue a master's degree. (Duan Shengfeng and Tan Yanmei)



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