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Wendu Minxing and Renmin University of China Law School jointly held High-end Forum on Law

On September 13, hosted by Renmin University of China Law School and supported by Wendu Minxing, High-end Forum on Nationally Advancing Law-based Governance & 40 Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up has seen its Lecture Two in Renmin University of China. Ye Xiaowen, member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, Vice Director of Committee of Cultural and Historical Data was specially invited to give a report with a theme on "Cultural Scaffolding on China is Becoming Strong". The dean, deputy dean and professors of Renmin University of China Law School attended the forum. Nearly 100 students of the School also went to the site to listen and learn.

Ye Xiaowen, member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and Vice Director of Committee of Cultural and Historical Data

In the forum, Ye Xiaowen gave a report focusing on that "becoming strong" must have "strategic orientation". He said that China has been developing rapidly for decades, and that if our country wants to be stronger, we must have "strategic orientation." The key point to keep strategic orientation, do our own business well and tackle with the behaviors of trade war provoked by the United States mainly lies in not being disturbed by the opponent, keeping strategic orientation and adhering to the goal of comprehensively constructing great modern socialist country. Ye Xiaowen mentioned China's development from multiple aspects. With simple examples and historical events, meanwhile combined with his own experiences, he stated the diplomacy between China and foreign countries, which brought the forum full of interests and meanings for the attenders. His humorous language won applause and laughter many times both from the teachers and students.

During the session of interactive communication, the students were very enthusiastic. They asked questions actively, and Ye Xiaowen answered carefully and patiently. The atmosphere was really active.

This lecture, co-organized by Wendu Minxing and Renmin University of China, lasted two hours. It presented a meticulous logical layout, exquisite academic foundation and vivid language exposition, which won the unanimous praise of the teachers and students present. This lecture not only deepened the understanding of teachers and students of law school on China's economic culture and strong development of China, but also had guiding significance for teachers to carry out academic research and students to become a useful person.

Wendu Minxing is a professional education and training institution of Wendu Education Group, mainly engaged in judicial examination, Juris Master, lawyers and other legal related business training. Wendu Minxing becomes famous for its “5s” quality management. To put it in detail, it always adheres to passing-oriented principle, sets up high-end brand with sincerity as well as unique features, pursues advanced project and integrates lessons, famous teachers, books and features together. In this way, Wendu Minxing has achieved outstanding achievements in brand marketing, product packaging, teacher publicity, service-oriented, highlighting the quality and other aspects in the past few years.

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