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A new member of school-enterprise cooperation came into being when Wendu Zhilian and Shaanxi Post and Telecommunication College officially signed the contract.

On September 20, the official school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony was held in Xi'an, with the signing parties including Shaanxi Wendu Zhilian Computer Technology Co., Ltd. (the wholly owned holding company under Century Wendu Education & Technology Group) and Shaanxi Post and Telecommunication College. Wang Xuanmin, Director of Century Wendu Education & Technology Group and General Manager of Shaanxi Zhilian Company, Hui Ya’ai, Vice Dean of Shaanxi Post and Telecommunication, and other leaders attended the signing ceremony. Both parties agreed to make deep cooperation in respect to talent cultivation and specialty construction, and strengthen further industry-education integration.

Vice Dean Hui Ya'ai started with the introduction of the basic information of Shaanxi Post and Telecommunication College in professional scale and industry-education integration, etc. She mentioned that the reason for choosing Wendu Education Group among numerous enterprises as the partner of the school-enterprise cooperation is that they think highly of the excellent enterprise culture and great development prospect of Wendu Education, which matches with the talent cultivation mode of their college. She stated that Wendu Education Group is the leader of the education technology industry and hoped that both parties can pull together to carry out the cooperative mechanism for collaborative education. Director Wang Xuanmin stated that Wendu Education Group is an international comprehensive intelligent education industry group dedicated to whole industry chain, integrating on-line informatization and IT service industrialization. Shaanxi Wendu Zhilian Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is the direct operation company of Wendu Group in Shaanxi, and its professional technology R&D team provides the solutions for the clients inside and outside Wendu Group in a long term such as on-line platform, software development, big data, and Internet of Things, etc.

"Technology Empowers Education, Learning Creates the Future." Wendu Education Group was successfully selected to be among the first batch of 2018 industry-university cooperative education project of Ministry of Education. Wendu Zhilian will work together with Shaanxi Post and Telecommunication College, to make multi-field and multi-aspect cooperation in teaching content and curriculum system reform project, teacher training project, practice condition, and practice base construction project, etc., to cultivate and attract more and more high-quality and highly-skilled applied talents. With due diligence, the enterprise will facilitate innovative development of higher education. At the signing ceremony, Wendu Education Group and Shaanxi Post and Telecommunication College reached a consensus on school-enterprise cooperation. Both parties will build a long-term and close cooperation in respect to modern apprenticeship system, curriculum construction, talent cultivation, internship and practice and talent employment, etc., educate the students through cooperation, and jointly help the students to improve the knowledge skills, define the occupational plan, and create new opportunities for employment. In this way, the tripartite win-win situation can be finally realized among enterprise, school, and students.

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