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Sina Five-Star Gold Medal teachers were honored with the awards, and He Kaiwen from Wendu gave the keynote speech

On September 12, the "2018 Sina Five-Star Gold Medal Award Ceremony" hosted by Sina Education Channel was grandly opened in Beijing, and He Kaiwen, the star teacher in Wendu Education, attended the ceremony on invitation and made the keynote speech with the theme of "Education is a Miracle of Faith". Nearly a thousand excellent rural teachers and gold-medal teachers from all over the country got together to share their opinions on education and show their respect to good teachers. 

This year is the 8th year of the Sina Five-Star Gold Medal Teachers Evaluation and Selection Campaign. The campaign attracted more than 1,300 teacher contestants from nearly a hundred educational institutions and 112 teams to register and compete. Through five months of competition in on-line voting, video presentation, expert review, Weibo interaction and highlight interaction, over 400 candidates and more than 60 teams finally stood out and entered the finals.

At the site of the awards ceremony, He Kaiwen, the star teacher in Wendu Education, made the keynote speech entitled as "Education is a Miracle of Faith". Mr. He Kaiwen mentioned that, he had been engaged in the education industry for 16 years and undertaken an average of 500 seminars every year and 100 days of courses; he had been writing Weibo for 7 years, with the fans accumulating up to 6 million, and monthly average reading quantity up to 100 million; he had been updating Weibo for 7 years, daily updating the WeChat Official Account for 6 years which ranks among Top 50 in the country; the rate of likes ranks the national first place. Actually, his persistence to education industry all over these years comes from the power of "faith".


He mentioned three beliefs in the speech: to believe that everything is under control, believe in who you are here and now, and believe in your students as the seeds can grow into trees. He stated that, as an English teacher for postgraduate entrance examination, you should have your students believe that the examination is a controllable thing, so that they can truly feel their goals are clear, their efforts and contributions are meaningful, and their learning level is comparable and regulatable. Ten years ago, I had no experience and grew continuously through learning. Therefore, instead of worrying about your lack of maturity, the young teachers nowadays should focus on your own experience at present. We should remember, fully accept and keep our feelings right now, even the doubts to ourselves. This is our only original intention. In the meantime, we should believe that our students could obtain knowledge, grow, and have faith in education power through our teaching.

With its dedication to and enthusiasm for education and training, as well as its strength and influence in the industry, Wendu Group has received wide recognition and affirmation from the society. In the future, Wendu Group and all the personnel from the branches around the country will continue to remain true to our original aspiration for education, undertake the great mission of "education makes life better", adhere to the development concept of "advocating honor and striving for excellence", carry forward the spirit of "profession, innovation and cooperation", continue to work hard in the whole industry chain of education that bears hopes and dreams, and make sincere efforts to promote the vigorous development of the new model of Wendu OMO (Online Merge Offline)!


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