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CEWeekly: The Iterative Upgrade of Wendu Kaoyan APP, An Optimal Tool for Candidates of Postgraduate Entrance Examination


In today's increasingly competitive society, with the more severe employment situation and the eagerness of people's self-education ability, the postgraduate education sub-division model has become the object of people's pursuit. As a scholar of more than 20-year-old postgraduate education in the deep training and training industry, we will surely not miss this great opportunity. We continued to keep abreast of the needs of users and make technical changes. Finally, The new version of Wendu Postgraduate APP was launched in the eyes of the public, which strives to create a new learning experience for the majority of students.

It is known that the new online Wendu Postgraduate Education APP has broken the embarrassing situation of “the examination and research app with the list of thousands of questions” in the past. It is also optimizing, integrating and researching the APP of related Wendu Education Branches based on setting the collection of real questions, model tests, courses, live broadcasts, college libraries and other eight items into one, listening to micro-classes, reading information, doing exercises, one-stop function, we newly added six functions such as the code activation course, watching courses, downloading and viewing course materials, signing agreements, viewing course learning records and so on, and strive to create a new escort for students.

Then, what new magical experience does this newly-launched Wendu Postgraduate Education APP have? Next, let's wait and see.

Activate viewing to create a new listening mode

Functions like course-listening decoding and course-watching were added to create a one-stop worry-free new course-listening mode for postgraduate entrance examination. As is known to all, there are a dazzling array of APPs on the market about postgraduate entrance examination at present, but they have the same functions. Knowing the pain points of the market demand, Wendu Kaoyan took advantage of this opportunity to add the function of activating viewing. Postgraduate candidates only need to enter the activation code to activate the course, then they can seamlessly and automatically play massive course videos through the watching function. It can be said that this function not only satisfies students' needs to watch massive videos by one click, but also saves a lot of time for them in listening to courses, so that students can enjoy more peace of mind and more comfort while listening to courses.

Downloading the Viewing Function to Let the Learners Learn New Things

Functions like downloading the courses and viewing the course information were newly added, which refreshed the students' new cognition of the Wendu Kaoyan APP, and let the students have new things to learn. It is believed that everyone who has ever used this software knows that it was impossible to download some of their favorite high-quality courses and search some practical course materials from the Wendu Kaoyan APP. However, this newly-added function has made up for these deficiencies, and only by one click, students can download courses and meet their needs to check massive course materials only by reviewing previous courses. Isn't it very convenient? Please try it if you are also a postgraduate candidate.

Protocoling course function to protect the interests of students

The function of the protocol course is added to protect the interests of students. It is believed that a lot of students have once heard about or witnessed others being cheated when they paid courses for the postgraduate entrance examination in the past. In order to help students resolve this worry and feel more assured in attending courses and studying, the function of the protocol course has been added to the newly-launched Wendu Kaoyan APP. Not only the operation is convenient, but it saves the students’ trouble of not having a protocol course. Thus, this function can protect students' interests and escort them for the postgraduate entrance examination in all aspects.

What's more, in addition to the above-mentioned newly-added functions, a new function of reviewing course learning history is also added to the newly launched Wendu Kaoyan APP. Thus, students can review their previous learning progress and status in the process of intermittent learning. This function not only greatly saves students' time in learning and improves the learning efficiency but also makes them learn more and save effort.

How about that? After hearing all these, do you have the impulse to download this APP and try it out personally? If you do, just download this APP to enjoy happy learning together with the author!

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Wendu Kaoyan APP is a meticulously created online learning software for postgraduate entrance examination of Century Wendu Education Technology Group, and it is the mobile spiritual home for postgraduate candidates, which integrates the courses for postgraduate entrance examination, information about colleges and universities, experience and materials of postgraduate entrance examination, past exam paper, and audition courses delivered by famous teachers. Here, you can have access to the official information about your applied school, postgraduate entrance examination results and the minimum passing score, as well as experience of senior students in time. You can systematically learn courses for postgraduate entrance examination and have access to audition courses delivered by famous teachers to understand the key points and difficulties of the discipline.


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