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IFeng.com丨Wendu Education 2019 Lecture for Postgraduate Entrance Examination was Held in Wuhan on March 17th

The 24th Wendu Public Welfare Lecture, organized by Wendu Education Group, would be held at 9:30 a.m. on March 17th, 2018 (Saturday) in the Stadium of Wuhan Sports University. This would be a new starting point for your dream.

In "the 24th Public Welfare Grand Lecture of 2019 Wendu Education",

8 masters in the postgraduate entrance examination, He Kaiwen, Tang Jiafeng, Jiang Zhongting, Tan Jianbo, Ren Yanxiang, Liu Yinan, Wan Lei, and Chang Cheng gave advice and taught how to solve problems for 2019 candidates of the postgraduate entrance examination. They gave a comprehensive and objective analysis of the postgraduate entrance examination, preparation with the optimized strategy, detailed review strategies, and the way to develop a preparation plan that suits themselves. In order to help the students realize their dream of passing the postgraduate entrance examination, Hubei Wendu presented a variety of skills and the secret books for postgraduate entrance examination. Your action determined the distance between you and the dream.

When you set foot on the road of pursuing a dream to take the postgraduate entrance examination, you are destined to experience everything: namely accompanied by the dawn and moonlight to explore the sea of books and the solution of the problem. However, it is important to have a clear goal for the postgraduate entrance examination. Deciding to take the postgraduate entrance examination is only the beginning of the journey. Next, you must confirm your target specialty and colleges. Do you want to continue your study in this specialty or cross the specialty? How do you sort out a wide range of knowledge better and prepare more efficiently? How do you enlarge the gap with competitors and can you get closer to your target colleges? These are the key points you need to think about.

Just at the time when you are confused and hesitated, at 9:30 am on March 17th , thousands of people would go to the road of preparing postgraduate entrance examination with dreams and blossomed youth. On the day of the lecture, admission was required with the ticket and everyone would get a super gift bag which valued more than RMB 1,000. People could participate in the real-time interaction with Hubei Wendu WeChat official account and Weibo account to win more postgraduate entrance examination prizes.

From now on, candidates and parents can go to Hubei Wendu headquarter and each teaching area to collect free admission tickets, and each campus has free special buses to the grand lecture site! Headquarter address: No. 524 Luoyu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province!

The grand event of the previous lectures:

Hubei Wendu Postgraduate Entrance Examination is the direct organization of Wendu Education Group. After more than 20 years of development, it has formed a provincial capital, Wuhan as the core with prefecture-level schools throughout the whole province of Hubei with tens of thousands of members per year. It has become the best choice for graduate entrance examination candidates and parents in Hubei and central China. Hubei Wendu postgraduate entrance examination courses cover all stages of postgraduate entrance examination preparation, and the product line is diversified. The high-end tutoring includes Eagle Flying Training Camp series, rainbow card series, one-on-one customized series and so on. The grand lecture is organized by Wendu Education Group and Hubei Wendu. So far, it has successfully held the lecture for 23 years, becoming a grand event in the field of postgraduate entrance examination with extensive influence.

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