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Mandarin Training and Competence Competition of Beijing Wendu Teaching Research Institute of Postgraduate Entrance Examination was held successfully

In order to improve the Mandarin level of teachers in Beijing Wendu Teaching Research Institute of Postgraduate Entrance Examination, and to exercise the teacher's oral expression ability in teaching, 2019 Mandarin Training and Competence Competition was held in College Road Campus of Wendu Group on 24th April. Ms. Zhang Jing, the host of CCTV, was invited to serve as the on-site trainer and competition judge. All the in-service teachers of Beijing Wendu Teaching Research Institute of Postgraduate Entrance Examination participated in the event.

Mandarin is a modern standard Chinese with the Beijing language as the standard sound, the northern dialect as the basic dialect, and the exemplary modern vernacular works as the grammar. Mr. Zhang Jing tutored everyone from three perspectives: vocal methods, effective communication methods, and examination points of broadcast-based major. Training of Ms. Zhang is more interactive. She understood the pronunciation of each person by letting the teachers introduce themselves and used it as a breakthrough to guide how to do the training, standing position, expression, sounding part and so on.

At the same time, Ms. Zhang Jing emphasized the two psychological qualities that need to be learned from the perspective of teachers of Teaching Research Institute: firstly, it requires smooth technology, no rush, and can achieve stagnation; secondly, it must be tolerant extremely and listen to the feedback from the students.

Comprehensive evaluation was conducted in the afternoon after the morning training session, which included single-word, double/four-word, recitation, impromptu commentary and self-introduction. The teacher at the scene obtained the questions by means of extraction. The test began officially after a short preparation of 5 minutes. Every five people was a group. Ms. Zhang Jing scored one by one, commented and guided after each of them answered five questions in turn. The first, second and third prizes and participation awards were finally selected after six rounds of testing. 

Group photo of third prize winners

Group photo of second prize winners

Group photo of first prize winners

Through this training and testing, Wendu Teaching Research Institute of Postgraduate Entrance Examination hopes that all teachers will improve their Mandarin level in a happy atmosphere, promote the Mandarin, show the youthfulness of teachers, and strive to be a promotion model of Mandarin.

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