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“Postgraduate entrance examination inspires dreams”, 2021 new product launch conference of Wendu Education was launched grandly

“Postgraduate entrance examination inspires dreams”, 2021 new product launch conference of Wendu Education was launched grandly in College Road Campus of Wendu Group on 20th May. Zhao Yunlong, Wang Qiran, Du Yu, famous teacher, and several outstanding students were participated in the conference. The conference was broadcast live on Wendu live online.

The conference was divided into five parts: “new definition of postgraduate entrance examination”, “new strategy of postgraduate entrance examination”, “new upgrade of postgraduate entrance examination”, “new ideas of postgraduate entrance examination” and “new knowledge of postgraduate entrance examination”. The host introduced the gift box customized for the 2021 new examinee firstly. There are four books in the gift box, which are developed in four directions: English, politics, mathematics, and school selection. It embodies the hard work of Wendu teachers, and also aims to accompany the 2021 examinee all the way, to make postgraduate entrance examination success.

Zhao Yunlong, General Manager of Wendu Bilin, famous teacher in postgraduate entrance examination, started the first link. Teacher Zhao made an overall plan for the 2021 postgraduate entrance examination firstly. He elaborated the “new definition of postgraduate entrance examination” for the 2021 examinees from four aspects: major selection, college selection, registration process, and planning for the preparation. Therewith, he took psychology and education as an example to share the preparation plan for examinees, mainly emphasizing the analysis of the situation and the choice of colleges and universities, and reminding everyone that the postgraduate entrance examination must be early according to the current grim situation.

Wang Qiran, comprehensive counseling expert for Western medicine in Wendu, shared the 2021 examinees from the disciplinary structure and the ranking of the research and recruitment units. With many years of coaching experience, Mr. Wang grasped the rules of preparation and exam key points accurately. He helped examinees to familiarize with the comprehensive difficulties and easy-to-test directions of Western medicine through the interpretation of the four review stages.

The last one was Du Yu, lecturer of Law Mater in Wendu Postgraduate. Mr. Du shared the four perspectives of selection of major, school, review highlights of Law Master, review plan, and bibliography. Mr. Du highlighted the time nodes for reviewing the examination and reminding everyone that the postgraduate entrance examination is divided into initial examine and reexamine and try to get more scores in initial examine in order to be successful in postgraduate entrance examination.

In addition to the sharing of the three famous teachers at the conference, there were also Wendu students who have passed the postgraduate entrance examination successfully to share their experiences for the examinees. They helped the 2021 examinees to review from the review time node, review highlights, and the psychology of examination preparation through the question of host. Two students who were successful in postgraduate entrance examination mentioned that the psychology of the postgraduate entrance examination is very important. The examinees must persist and insist on doing what others can't do, combine exertion and rest, and adjust the state appropriately. Finally, they sent a blessing to the junior fellow students who are about to embark on the road of postgraduate entrance examination.

2021 new product launch conference of Wendu Education is only the first stop of “Wendu Postgraduate Culture Season”. We hope that through a series of activities in “Wendu Postgraduate Culture Season”, we will inspire dreams, achieve dreams, and let more Wendu examinees who have dreams to succeed and make a name for themselves.

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