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Wendu Business School, Nanjing Wendu Elite Team Training in May was ended successfully

Wendu Business School, Nanjing Wendu Elite Team Training in May was ended successfully in Xinjiekou Campus of Nanjing Wendu on 21st May, 2019.

Education makes life better. All Wendu people will hold ardent expectations and good wishes, take firm steps and make a broader future. We were still touched while looking back at each moment of the event.

All the elites of Nanjing Wendu gathered together for a two-day team training on a special day of 20th May. This was a rare and precious experience for Wendu people who are eager to improve themselves.

The training was hosted by Yang Guojun, a teacher from Wendu Business School. First of all, he highlighted the rules of the training to friends. Playing card score system was implemented for this training. Participants were divided into some groups. Each team can receive a playing card as long as there were members who interact and perform well. The team with higher final scores will be commended and a certificate of honor will be issued on site.

Then, Mr. Yang gave a short story on the scene, and there were various characters in this story. Finally, he launched a very interesting discussion topic: who is the most annoying person.

Members of each group have spoken in a row, as if what they said were all reasonable. The interaction at the scene was very lively. Finally, each group that spoke received a playing card.

There were both rewards and punishments certainly. The picture shows a representative of the team that failed the competition doing push-ups. It seems that in addition to work, it is necessary to strengthen the exercise, otherwise it may be used inadvertently.

In addition to team interaction, there were also theoretical training. What impressed editor was the setting and execution of team objectives. Mr. Yang emphasized that everyone has their own objectives, and big objectives are always made up of several small objectives. How to measure the outcome of objectives? The first step is to determine the outcome of your objectives.

Mr. Znag from Zhengzhou Wendu and Mr. Yang from Wuhan Wendu started a series of trainings in business at two o’clock in the afternoon.


Speech of Mr. Qu Zhimin, Headmaster of Nanjing Wendu Education, was the crowning touch, which taught us that study is like sailing against the current; either you keep forging ahead or you keep falling behind. He who doesn’t work hard today would be eliminated by the market in the future. Only by constantly improving yourself can you be invincible. It can’t be regarded as a work, but as a career.

Mr. Yang Guojun presented a certificate of honor to the individual who won the competition at the end of the training. Mr. Qu presented the award to the winning group and delivered a speech. He wished performance of Nanjing Wendu to rise and the salary of all colleagues to increase through this business.

Wendu Business School, Nanjing Wendu Elite Team Training came to an end with the successful conclusion of the training.

Style of the students has become more and more eye-catching, and the education industry in Wendu has grown stronger year by year. On the road of training for postgraduate entrance examination, Wendu adheres to the corporate philosophy of “advocating honor, and striving for excellence”, innovating, surpassing constantly and using advanced teaching management system to help thousands of students to succeed and be brilliant.

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