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Wendu Education Six-One Talent Construction Project Manager “Personnel & Financial Management” Special Training was Successfully Held

  On June 5, the Manager“Personnel & Financial Management”Special Training of Wendu Education Six-One Talent Construction Project was successfully held in Xueyuan Road Campus of Wendu Education Group. This training session is hosted by the Human Resources Center of Wendu Group, and Feng Xiaoping, Chairman and President of Wendu Education group, and Wu Peng, Executive President were present. About 600 people from various departments, heads of direct agencies and relevant managers participated in the training meeting on the spot and through live video broadcasting. Chen Zhanli, manager of Talent Development Center, acted as the moderator of the training meeting.

Feng Xiaoping, President of Wendu Group, made a speech on Wendu Group’s personnel and financial management training. He pointed out that this “personnel and financial training” is a part of the six-one talent construction project of Wendu Education and a part of the Group’s new ecological construction of education. He stressed that it is very important to improve the level of knowledge and ability of managers. Only by consolidating the team building and doing a good job of efficient and standardized “personnel and financial management”, can we promote the orderly development of group business.

Feng Xiaoping, President of Wendu Education Group.

The special training meeting on “personnel and financial management”was divided into two parts: Human resources management and financial literacy. Zhao Wenhui, Deputy Director of the Human Resources Center of Wendu Education Group, and Li Lei, Vice President of Wendu Education Group, will conduct training for the heads of various departments and direct agencies of the Group, aiming at improving the human resources management level of non-human resources personnel and the financial literacy of non-financial personnel.

Zhao Wenhui, Deputy Director of Human Resource Center, said that the secret of a Company’s continued success is to build a well-trained workforce, which requires business leaders to scientifically manage employees on one hand and ensure high-quality and efficient development of enterprises on the other. On the other hand, maintain and motivate employees, so that each employee can feel the Company's reward and punishment system and humanistic care.

Zhao Wenhui, Deputy Director of Human Resource Center.

Then, Li Lei, Vice President of the Group, shared with the participants from the aspects of financial language, accounting statements, financial analysis and management, and budget. He showed a large number of financial examples to enable participants to quickly understand the basic knowledge of finance. Li lei believes that mastering accounting-related professional vocabulary is helpful to standardize the management of financial issues involved in future work.

Li Lei, Vice President of the Group.

At the end of this training meeting, the heads of all departments and direct agencies in the Group also took an in-class examination. They all said that through today's study, they have mastered the practical knowledge and skills of human resources management and financial management, and will demand themselves to a higher standard in the future to serve the enterprise well.

At the same time, all local branches of Wendu Education Group have participated in the training meeting trough live video, including Hubei Wendu, Shaanxi Wendu, Anhui Wendu, Hunan Wendu, Hebei Wendu, Henan Wendu, Dalian Wendu, Shenyang Wendu, Jiangxi Wendu, Zhuhai Wendu, Inner Mongolia Wendu, Jiangsu Wendu, Guangdong Wendu, Chongqing Wendu, etc. 

All local branches of Wendu are watching the training meeting via live video 

Employees are scanning the code through their phones for examination.

A relaxed and pleasant warming up during the special training on “Personnel and financial management” 


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