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Brief Introduction
Century Wendu Education&Technology Group is a professional educational organization providing college students with services concerning entering a higher school, obtaining a job and career enhancement. Wendu, headquartered in Zhongguancun Science & Technology Zone, Haidian District, Beijing, has established more than 30 agencies, 600-plus franchisees and over 3,000 teaching bases around China. Wendu has accumulatively recorded more than 2 million hours of video courses of all kinds. It has also planned and distributed more than 200 varieties of books with distribution amounted to more than 200 million and trained students as many as 10 million.Wendu has become a well-known educational brand with its famous teachers, brilliant courses, high-quality materials, professional services, cutting-edge technologies, scientific management and all-round brand construction.
Wendu’s business covers college education (postgraduate entrance examination, cet 4&6, college public courses), vocational education (medical examination, civil servants examination, architect registration examination, teacher qualification certificate examination and judicial examination) and school-enterprise cooperation. Based on the application of mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, Wendu has developed Wendu Intelligent Education with the core of Wendu Education Big Data, Wendu Intelligent Learning System and Wendu Education New Ecology. 

Group Qualification
Wendu Education has obtained high-tech enterprise identification, telecommunications and information service business license, Ministry of Commerce chain operation record, network culture business license, software enterprise certification, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise qualification, publication business license qualification, radio and television program production and business operation license, non-state-run school license and other industry and professional qualifications. It has more than 500 intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents, software and copyright.

Group Honors
Over the years Wendu has owned more than 100 awards by the Ministry of Education China Education Online, Xinhuanet, Chinanet, China Campus Market Alliance and China Consumer Protection Foundation, such as “China Top 20 Brand Education Group”, “Top 10 Famous Network Education Institutions in 2011”, “3.15 Honesty Service (Admission) Brand”, “Top 10 Investment Potential Award in 2015”, “Science and Technology Innovation Influence Brand” “Comprehensive Strength Education Group in 2017”,”the Gold-medal Teacher Team of China’s Good Teachers”, “Top 10 Influential Education Institutions of Microblog in 2017” and the Golden Tower Award,etc.
   Business Ecology
Product Ecology: face to face teaching, distance teaching, online school, live teaching, books
Project Ecology: college education (postgraduate entrance examination, cet 4&6, college public courses), vocational education (medical examination, civil servants examination, teacher qualification certificate examination, architect registration examination and judicial examination)
Market Ecology: agencies, franchisees, school-enterprise cooperation, Wendu College 
Platform Ecology: Wendunet, Zhiyuenet, e-commerce cluster, SIS online test-assessment system, Quantiku (examination database), knowdoubt platform

Scientific and Technological Innovation
Wendu OMO Mode: The online training transaction and service can be realized through unifying user center, order center and payment center of Wendunet, connecting offline/online training and resource channels, tracking, analyzing and predicting users’ behaviors and business data for the operating process of all divisions of Wendu, energizing online/offline product, marketing, service and education, providing trainees with convenient and diversified study choices.
Wendu Study Center is a new online plus offline learning platform formed by upgrading Wendu online school. The learning mode includes online courseware, live classroom, online test and assessment and online Q&A, both compatible with PC and mobile terminals, realizing the business mode that the headquarter leads the flow for the learning center, and the learning center sells the headquarters’ products, and expanding the market through online and offline immersive marketing.
Wendu Live Platform gathers hundreds of famous teachers and academic elites of today in various fields allowing trainees to experience face to face teaching from exam tutoring to vocational skills upgrading, and to replay the courses in effective time, making learning active, efficient and interesting, time more flexible, and more self-motivated.
Wendu Double Teacher Classroom extends traditional classroom learning from in class to after class, forming the efficient learning procedure of “learning in class, practicing after class, tutoring and correcting, and mastering at last”, perfectly combining “famous teachers’ teaching” and “instant tutoring” at the same time.
Wendu Intelligent Learning System: Big data and AI are applied to data programming and collection in Wendu Intelligent Learning System in order to conduct user value analysis and behavior prediction according to students’ interests’ map and learning habits. And individualized accompany, exercises, Q&A, and supervision are provided for students according to learning plans during learning. Through the data of learning results, the learning track can be recorded and predicted. And based on the learning progress and effects, the targeted recommendation and adaptive learning path are offered and students can be motivated to learn efficiently.  
Based on the application of technologies including mobile Internet, AI, big data, and cloud computing, Wendu Internet Product Center independently developed over ten products including mobile client Apps, SIS online test-assessment system, Quantiku (examination database), etc.
Wendu Cloud Classroom has high-quality built-in courseware, which can be watched off line. The knowledge points are related to handouts with in-class exercises and analysis. And the courses are more convenient to watch after being downloaded. The exclusive O&A teachers can provide online answering which is rapid and convenient, and different question forms such as texts, images, video, audio, and scrawl are supported. The answers can be submitted after connecting the Internet and students will receive intelligent reminders after being answered. Learning can be off-line at any time and any place, so the fragment time including taking subway, taking bus, waiting for someone, and queuing up can be used. 
Wendu AR Book smartly combines technology with books. The expressive effect is improved with various modes of medium. AR used, the teaching contents are more institutional and understandable with pictures, video, and animation. Meanwhile, the sense of existence, intuition, and concentration can be improved. The special experience of AR allows students to see, listen, do, and think to completely involve in the situation and obtain unique experience.
Big Data of Wendu Education: Wendu Information & Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional education Internet company of Wendu Education. Wendu Information is in line with the education industry plan proposed by the State Council, and is committed to building a platform for smart education industry in the whole field, promoting the rational distribution of educational resources and improving the learning effect of the whole people. Based on the teaching experience, methods and data of Wendu Group for decades, Wendu Information deeply analyzes educational big data, and develops intelligent learning system covering teaching affairs, teaching and even lifelong service for students through the mechanism of collecting, distributing and deeply mining the data. Taking the Internet as the carrier and being supported by Wendu Group’s high-quality experience, Wendu Information can provide a one-stop solution for smart education of the education enterprises and help the entire education industry to complete the transformation.
Wendu Intelligent Management System: Wendu intelligent management system includes market cloud, learning cloud, educational affairs cloud, customer cloud, management cloud and so on. The market cloud is based on Wendu intelligent marketing system; the learning cloud is based on Wendu intelligent learning system; the educational affairs cloud is based on teaching, learning, training, measurement, assessment and answering; the customer cloud is based on the development and application of the big data of Wendu Education; the management cloud, which is consistent with Wendu’s business development, integration of human resources, finance, and business, is based on mature ERP products.
Corporate Culture
Wendu Mission: Education Makes Life Better
Wendu Concept: Advocating Honor Striving for Excellence
Wendu Spirit: Profession Innovation Cooperation Sharing
Wendu Vision: Technology Empowers Education Learning Creates the Future
Social Responsibility
While striving to promote the progress of China’s educational science and technology, Wendu Group also actively undertakes the corporate responsibility given by the society. The charitable undertakings that are enthusiastically involved include: 10 million education aid projects, Wendu Million Care Action, Wendu Eagle Flying Project for students’ entrepreneurship and employment, the charity donation to Tibet education, taking the lead in holding more than 30 sessions of “Wendu Postgraduate Public Welfare Lectures” throughout the country, and other social welfare activities. The beneficiaries have covered tens of millions and have been well received by the community.
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