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On October 9th, 2018, Wendu Education Aid for Tibet Charity Donation Ceremony was held in Wuhan, Hubei. The attendances are as follows, Xu Yanbing, Vice director of the Education Department of Hubei Province, Mei Yaping, director of the Personnel Department of the Provincial Department of Education, Wang Jiannong, secretary general of Hubei Education Foundation, Zhang Jun, vice president of Century Wendu Education & Technology Group (Wendu Group for short), Li Ping, general manager Hubei company of Wendu Group, Yin Yunbo, vice director of the Organization Department of Hubei Provincial Department of Education and vice director of the Education Bureau of Shannan in Tibet, Wang Yuxiong, vice president of Middle School Affiliated to Hubei University and president of No. 1 Middle School of Shannan in Tibet. Director Mei Yaping hosted the ceremony.

Before the ceremony opening, Vice Director Yin Yunbo and President Wang Yuxiong presented khata to Vice Director Xu Yanbing, Vice President Zhang Jun, General Manager Li Ping, Director Mei Yaping and Secretary General Wang Jiannong, to express the highest etiquette from Tibetan people and show their warm welcome and blessings.

Vice Director Yin Yunbo introduced the situation that education talents in Hubei province aid Tibet in group form at the ceremony. He mentioned that education talents in Hubei province aiding Tibet in group form is the new era of aid work in Tibet after the sixth session of the Central Tibet Work Forum. Hubei has sent the first education talents in group form to aid Tibet since 2016. In order to effectively promote the development of education in Shannan, the Education Department of Hubei Province attaches high importance to education talents in Hubei province aiding Tibet in group form: Firstly, make proper top-level plans according to the real conditions. We are working to achieve three changes in order to deal with the practical situations and problems existed in the Shannan education works. 1) Change the former mode of aiding Tibet only by cadres into the mode of a teacher team led by cadres; 2) Change the mode of a single educational infrastructure to the integration of infrastructure, projects, talents and exchanges; 3) From a single basic education aid to Tibet, to the integrated mode of sending graduates to support the education there, basic education, higher vocational education and the four cities' independent selection. Secondly, use qualified staff to do practical work and promote the development of the education works. For example, the first group of teachers who successfully promoted the education and teaching regulations in central China to schools in Shannan with their high political quality, excellent work and good health. Thirdly, foster the communication, intercourse and fusion between Han and Tibetan. We're making efforts to comprehensively carry out exchange activities to enhance understandings, foster culture fusion and promote development by well implementing the "one school,two classes" project: Wuhan Tibet Middle School, "class for excellent Shannan students to get education in other provinces" and "class for Shannan teachers to learn skills in other provinces' schools".

At last, Mr. Yin attributed the progress we gained in Shannan education works to the support from the Education Department of Hubei Province and many organizations, corporations and units. He said that they were very grateful to the donation from Wendu Group which helps those teachers aiding Tibet a lot. He hoped that Wendu Group can continue to pay attention to Shannan Education and welcome the Wendu staff to visit Shannan to dock the education poverty alleviation project and bring more support to Shannan education works.

Zhang Jun, vice president of Wendu Group, delivered a speech after the donation. He first expressed his honour on behalf of Wendu Group to participate in the donation ceremony. He pointed out that Wendu Group has been shouldering the great mission of "Education Makes Life Better", and that the company has been founded for more than 20 years thanks to the state support for educational undertaking, and actively taken on the social responsibility while developing. Under the care and guidance of the Education Department of Hubei Province and with the careful organization of Hubei Education Foundation, Wendu Group is always shouldering the social responsibility actively. Donating the teachers aiding Tibet at No. 1 Middle School of Shannan District of Tibet is just a part of that.

Xu Yanbing, vice director of the Education Department of Hubei Province, gave the final speech. Mr. Xu firstly thanked Wendu Group for its donation and kindness. He mentioned that Wendu Group has always been an enterprise holding education thoughts and social responsibility. It is committed to serving the education sector, students and society. It has gained remarkable achievements in our education and training industry and has been recognized by the society, the students, the whole industry and the administrative department of education. He hoped that Wendu Group would have better development through further enhancing its education and training business, spread its brand image influence and serving the education sector and society.

Study changes the fate, and Wendu achieves the future. In the past two decades, with continuous love, Wendu Education granted hundreds of poor students to be enrolled into universities and sponsored them to finish their studies. Also, this project made thousands of undergraduate students’ dreams come true by funding them to pursue a master's degree. Today, Wendu Group offers the donation to the teachers aiding Tibet at No. 1 Middle School of Shannan District of Tibet, so that they can better support the Tibetan education sector to realize the balanced allocation of education resources and lift the overall education level of China with joint efforts

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